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Save disk space by deleting Address Book images - Mac OS X Hints

It is a good idea to periodically backup your profile to a safe location. Thunderbird doesn't delete a profile when uninstalling, upgrading or re-installing it is stored in a directory outside of your program directory , but to avoid any risk of accidentally affecting or deleting it as a side effect of an update it is a good idea to back it up before taking such actions. Thunderbird does not let you switch profiles without exiting, unlike Outlook Expresses identities.

Save a file in a specific location in Mac os X

However, the profile switcher extension will let you switch profiles. Profile folders default to a standard location but are named randomly for additional security.

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You can set a custom location using other methods mentioned below. The installation directory includes a folder named "profile" for example, C: That launches windows explorer or the equivalent file manager for your operating system with the profile folder selected. That feature was added in Thunderbird 5. However, if you're using a third party build from Debian or Ubuntu, those builds store your profile folder here:.

Both are hidden folders.

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See this article for more information. Every Thunderbird or SeaMonkey profile will have an "abook. You could find a profile by doing a file search for that file. However, you need to include hidden files and folders in the search:. You can also use Thunderbird to find the location of whatever profile it is using. It is one very long line ending in path — make sure that you get all of it:.

The console should display the location of the profile that is currently in use. If you don't see it, select "All" in the toolbar. Thunderbird uses the profiles. If you're using Windows the file is located in the parent of the "Profiles" folder. It can be edited to move your profile. If it's deleted, a new profiles. This file is the reason why you can't just copy a profile into the "profiles" folder and have Thunderbird discover it. All of the messages for an account are stored in a subdirectory named after the mail server.

Where Are Apple Books Downloads Stored in macOS?

For example if you have a Gmail POP account it would create a pop. Your messages would be stored in text files with names of the folders shown in Thunderbird and with no file extension called mbox files. For example, the inbox folder would be called "Inbox. There would also be a inbox. If you use a add-on to make a webmail account emulate a POP account the mail server is typically If you have more than one account with the same mail server Thunderbird adds a suffix. So your second yahoo webmail account might be stored in None of these files should be read-only.

If they are that might be a side effect of dragging and dropping or backing up files to removable media, and then using them to restore your profile.

Editing an Address Book

See Files and folders in the profile - Thunderbird for a more complete list. Portable Thunderbird is a popular third party build of Thunderbird that is installed on a USB drive along with the profile. It's designed for roaming users. The profile is not specified by a profiles. It can have only one profile and doesn't support the profile manager. The channel-prefs. That determines what type of builds auto-update looks for. If you installed a beta that would set it to "beta". If you want to stop getting beta and release candidate updates change it to "release". The application. It's mainly used to control whether the migration assistant , crash reporter and extension manager are enabled.

The mailviews.

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