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Parameter Description --proxyUserName The user name for the proxy server, if applicable --proxyPassword The password for the proxy server, if applicable --channelIds For the products listed in this page , use the --productVersion parameter instead of --channelIds. Deploys updates of all the full-installer apps versions of Photoshop, as the version of product is not specified.

Deploys updates of Adobe Camera Raw Displays a list of applicable updates for the products installed on the machine. Downloads the applicable updates. Installs updates if they are downloaded already. If the updates are not already downloaded, this command first downloads the updates and then installs them.

If --action is not specified, the command performs the default action and just downloads and installs the applicable updates. The following command deploys updates only for the products corresponding to the channel id AdobePhotoshopCS Return values. After execution, Remote Update Manager returns one of the following values: For example, this might be the case where Adobe Application Manager installation is corrupted or network is not present.

In this case, typically, the process of downloading or installing updates cannot be started at all. For example, only two out of three updates might have been installed successfully. Consider a case where updates are to be installed for Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver.

Analyze the Creative Cloud PDapp log

However, Photoshop is running on the client machine and so the updates were installed only for Illustrator and Dreamweaver. In this scenario, error 2 will be returned. Download and installation status of updates. The console displays the status of downloading and installation of app updates. Status of download and installation of remote update of apps. Remote Update Manager log file. Checking for Errors. Log file data format.

Also, the logs for all Creative Cloud products display in the following format: For example: However, the Acrobat and Reader logging information on Windows will be displayed as: Valitse alue Aluevalinta vaikuttaa Adobe. Specifies the action to be performed: Generic error, for example an internal error. Adobe Creative Cloud product installers record their actions in log files.

If you see an error message during installation, search the Adobe Support page for solutions. Otherwise, check the log files to determine if certain errors occurred during an installation. Creative Cloud installers create three different log files while downloading, extracting, and installing a product:. Wondering where to start? The Creative Cloud installer cycles through a three-step process during installation: The installer displays the word "extracting" next to the product name while downloaded files are extracted. A progress bar displays during the rest of the download and install process.

If an error occurs before "extracting" displays, start by checking the. If an error occurs near the end of installation, you might start by checking the product log file. But because the three-step process may repeat multiple times during the installation process, you are safest checking all three log files for errors.

Trouble with a silent or deployed installation? If you are troubleshooting an issue with a silent or deployed installation, refer to the install logs on the client machine if the install failed or the Creative Cloud Packager build log if the package built with errors. For silent installations, the log files are the only place that records error messages.

See Troubleshooting a silent or deployed installation admins only. Trouble installing Creative Suite?

For details on opening and reading Creative Suite logs, see Troubleshoot install issues with log files CS. The Creative Cloud Desktop application downloads the installation files before extracting and installing them. Errors that occur during download are recorded in the dlm. The most common cause of download issues is firewalls or proxies blocking the download process.

For details on supported proxy servers and their configurations, see Proxy support in Creative Cloud products. The Library folder is listed below the Home folder. By default, log files open in Console on Mac OS. Each line in the log starts with a date and time stamp, which indicates when the installation was attempted.

Each attempt starts with a build version number. For example:. Wed Aug 05 If the dlm. Each install attempt appends to the bottom of the log file. By starting your search at the bottom of the file and searching backwards, you can find and address the most recent errors first. Each line in the log begins with a data and time stamp, followed by a response and number. None of this information is part of the error message. Ignore it when you search for error solutions.

The errors in these examples are NetDBError error has occurred - 8 and the download job 0 failed to execute. Search the Adobe Support page for a solution to each error message. Omit paths and machine-specific information from search strings.

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You can ignore the follow error. It does prevent a product from installing. If you are prompted to shut down conflicting applications, do the following:. Right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager. Select the Processes tab, select a conflicting process, and click End Process. Repeat for any additional conflicting processes.

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Mac OS. Double-click the Activity Monitor application. From the process category filter pop-up menu, choose All Processes. From the list of processes, select a conflicting process, and click Quit Process, then click the Force Quit button.

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Launch Creative Cloud apps

Repeat step 4 for any additional conflicting processes. Troubleshoot Creative Suite 5, 5. Check to see if the update downloaded successfully. Navigate to one of the following locations to see if the download is on your local drive:. If there is no update Set-up.

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Updates that are not product-specific are listed under Creative Suite. Troubleshoot Adobe Application Manager problems or failures. AAM doesn't launch. A login dialog box appears when AAM starts.