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To make changes to enter a password of your account of the operating system. And then press the button "Advanced" for your Internet connection.

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When using an HTTP proxy authorization, a window with a login and password will be immediately as soon as you try to access any website on the Internet. Browsers do not support Socks proxy authorization. In such cases it is necessary to use a special program. For example, Proxifier.

If not, is there any way to route the bridge's traffic to the same proxy?

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When you have a proxy server, either running on the machine itself, or on a device on the network, the client apps e. This is configured either in the client app settings or at the OS level.

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However, when you set up a proxy at the OS level, as you show in your screen shot, that is probably set for the user session, and may not affect daemons not sure. It might make sense to think of the problem differently. A packet sniffer is lower level than Charles, but that may be the price of getting lower level access to traffic. Have you looked into OpenDNS?

How to configure SquidMan to enable Mac as a proxy server

You would do this by logging into your account on opendns. Your question summary force traffic sharing through proxy does not match your intended purpose, which is to monitor traffic. And the screenshot you're showing is doing something entirely different yet. To monitor traffic, you do not need to setup a proxy.

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Once you have forced all the other devices to route all their traffic through your machine, all you need to add to the mix is wireshark running on your bridge and you will get access to the traffic. If you really do want to setup a proxy, have all the traffic be routed through it and have that logged, what you're looking for is called a transparent forward proxy.

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Share on Facebook. Significance Proxy servers are used for several reasons. Considerations Some proxies require a username and password in order to use them. References Santa Monica College: What Is a Proxy Server?